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May. 30th, 2013

Sellling my most of my collection of rare artbooks and collectibles from various series. Free Shipping in US and freebies! Go here http://shouhaku.livejournal.com/17635.html
PandaPad.Com Products now on Etsy and DaWanda

The PandaPad.Com Shops is happy to announce we have listed some of the Ai-Panda Shop products on Etsy and DaWanda giving a wider network for shopping to all our customers! For those who have been requesting PandaPad.Com products on these networks, we are happy oblige ;)

Don't forget you can suggest any of our Ai-Panda products on these networks by sending us a tweet on twitter or posting on our facebook fan page.

[Shop on Etsy] | [Shop on DaWanda]

New items added!

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Hello ~

I want to sell a lot of my Japanese related goodies, such as fliers, magazines, phone charms and PC games.
I would like this all gone by December!! So ALL prices are negotiable.
I ship from the UK - so please be smart with the prices, however they are completely flexible.

I am open for Trades - but I may not accept all offers as I need the money as main priority.

On to the sales ~

Small Preview - for any interest in the above Magazines, please comment me, as I have not added to to my Sales page yet.

Fliers ;;

☆ Fliers are all located here;
Lots of Fliers!
Bands such as, AibeLL, Duel Jewel, Moi Dix Mois, Wizard, MegaMega, bis, ClearVeil, ALiBi,
Serial Number, No GoD, DIO, Billy, and many MANY more ~

Magazines & Posters ;;

☆ Posters & Magazines are located here;
Japanese Magazines / Band Posters!
I am also selling some clippings of, GACKT, Despairs Ray, MUCC, Girugamesh, Yasu of Acid Black Cherry,
Dir en Grey Poster from Kerrang! issue in UK, large MUCC poster of two sorts~

Phone Charms & Anime Related ;;

☆ Phone Charms & Anime related goods here;
Phone Charms & Anime Goodies!
Everything from Hello Kitty to Pokemon and Digimon. It's a mixed variety, I would just like it all gone.

Everything Else ;;

☆ Everything else is found here;

eBay ;;

☆ Also please do check out my eBay, which is found here;
eBay Sales!

Thank you for reading!!
I hope you find something of interest~

Oct. 16th, 2009

Lotsa cute stuff here!!! Between SGD8-SGD15 Only!!! Grab them fast!!!

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Oct. 12th, 2009


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NEW Stuff Added!

Check out the latest additions in our ebay store! (click on image to visit our store)


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